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Brad Ball

Brad Ball
CEO & Portfolio Manager After reaching a new all-time high in July, the S&P 500 Index sold off sharply at the beginning of August on a combination of US/China trade tensions and overall economic concerns.

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Sleight of Hand

Author: Brad Ball


Magic tricks utilize sleight of hand or misdirection. Everything about humans makes us prone to follow the shiny object. This most certainly holds true with investing. As I watch investment shows I once again find myself in disbelief how many investors have seemingly become “misdirected” and focus on the wrong things. Less experienced investors would have you believe that the experts who have been wildly successful for long periods of time “are too negative on the market”. So far these less experienced investors have been correct. But, then again, at every magic show the audience gasps in disbelief as the magician seemingly cuts the woman in half only to learn a few minutes later they were duped by misdirection.

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Active vs. Passive Management

Author: Brad Ball


The battle has raged for years…a quick internet search will yield mounds of data arguing when active will or will not outperform. It seems the opinions so often reflect the vantage point of the author.  The old expression by Mark Twain seems to hold true “Figures don’t Lie, But Liars Figure”. Here we are again, right in the middle of a major selloff when “Active Management” is supposed to outperform so…how have active managers performed?

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A Bird in the Hand

Author: Brad Ball

Everyone has heard the proverb “a bird in the hand is worth two in bush”. This most assuredly applies to income investing today. Too many investors are focused on the “second” bird in the bush, or the potential for equity appreciation.

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