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Overlay in a Black Swan Event

Author: Justin Boller


We often get asked how our overlay strategy might behave in a black swan event.  Well, no time like the present to review our standard answer to this question and see how it’s holding up in reality.

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Topics: Overlay

Navigating Uncertainty in Fixed Income

Author: Justin Boller

The Federal Reserve has indicated both through their actions (lowering the Fed Funds Rate three times in 2019) and through their commentary that they intend to keep rates relatively low in the near-medium term. While this is intended to be accommodating to the economy, it poses a challenge for institutions and individuals seeking to generate distributive income through their investments.

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Topics: Overlay, ETF, Fixed Income

Check the Rearview, but Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Author: Justin Boller

The end of a year is always a good time to reflect on what just happened and try to take a guess as to what lies ahead. Coming off 2018 where nearly nothing worked in portfolios, this year has proven to be the exact opposite with all major asset classes posting positive returns through the end of November.  Not only have the returns been positive, they have been exceptionally strong for both stocks and bonds.

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Topics: Overlay, Theta Income

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