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Megan Delaney

Megan Delaney
Megan joined Liquid Strategies in 2018 and serves as Marketing Director, focusing on the overall marketing and growth of the firm.

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How a Potential Vaccine Affects the Market

Author: Megan Delaney


If there’s one thing we can all agree on in the age of coronavirus, it’s that we cannot stay shut down forever. Sooner or later we will have to reopen, and many states have already started that process with mixed results. People want to feel safe as they come out of isolation and venture back into the world, and even with social distancing, masks and testing, many of us will not truly feel safe until a vaccine is developed.

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Topics: Overlay, Volatility

COVID-19 & Its Effect on the Market

Author: Megan Delaney


Since January, China has been in the grip of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. What started as a flu like virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan quickly spread, and at the time of this blog post there were over 75,000 confirmed cases and over 2,000 deaths. While this strain of coronavirus is not necessarily considered a death sentence, it is highly contagious and has quickly spread amongst the population, reaching into over 30 countries including the United States. The virus currently shows signs of up to a 24-day incubation period and carriers can be contagious even before they begin to show symptoms. As it spreads to different continents and countries, what does this mean for the global market?

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Overlay Shares ETFs Cross $200 Million in Assets Since October Launch

Author: Megan Delaney


ATLANTA—February 18, 2020 —Liquid Strategies, the parent of Overlay Shares exchange-traded funds (ETFs), announced today the recently launched ETF “Ovals” have surpassed $200 million in assets under management since they began trading on the NYSE Arca in October. Access to overlay strategies has traditionally been reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions through separate accounts. Ovals are breaking down those barriers by packaging index ETFs with an active overlay focused on enhancing income into an easily accessible investment option for all investors.

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