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Put Writing as an Income Overlay

Author: Shawn Gibson


In a previous blog post (What is an Overlay?), we discussed how investors who utilize overlays do so with the goal of reshaping the potential investment outcomes with the most common goals being:

  1. Generating supplemental income/return (typically through covered call or put writing strategies
  2. Reducing the risk of the existing portfolio beta exposure (typically through collar strategies)

For investors seeking additional income, it is our belief that the best way to achieve this outcome is through a disciplined put spread writing program that provides investors with a relatively conservative stream of income that supplements the income/total return of the assets in the underlying.    

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Manager Commentary - Q4 2019

Author: Shawn Gibson

The final quarter of 2019 was one of the significant milestones and achievements for Liquid Strategies, marking the 6th full year of managing a conservative, risk-controlled option writing overlay program designed to add excess return to fully invested portfolios with a modest increase in overall portfolio volatility. In addition to applying the overlay program on top of existing client assets on a customized basis, the application of the Overlay expanded to provide separate account and packaged solutions (funds and ETFs) to allow the overlay to sit on top of six core underlying sources of beta: 1) Large Cap U.S. Equity; 2) Small Cap U.S. Equity; 3) Non-U.S. Equity 4) Core Bonds; 5) Municipal Bonds; and 6) Short-Duration Bonds. For investors that would have been invested in these various strategies since the inception of the firm, below are the illustrative long-term performance results:


11/01/2013 - 12/31/2019

  1 YEARS 3 YEARS 5 YEARS Inception to Date
Large Cap Equity + Overlay 34.35% 15.62% 13.90% 14.93%
S&P 500 Index  31.49% 15.27% 11.70% 12.68%


Small Cap Equity + Overlay 25.55% 8.72% 11.69% 11.86%
S&P 600 Index 22.78% 8.36% 9.56% 9.70%


Foreign Equity + Overlay 17.70% 10.74% 8.82% 8.05%
MSCI ACWI ex US 21.51% 9.87% 5.51% 3.95%


Core Bond + Overlay  11.25% 4.74% 5.36%  5.64%
Bbg Barc US Agg Index 8.72% 4.03% 3.05% 3.27%


Municipal Bond + Overlay  9.80% 4.96% 5.46% 6.25%
Bbg Barc Muni Bond Index 7.54% 4.72% 3.53% 4.23%

Net of fees assumes a 0.75% management fee applied monthly. These returns are illustrative, hypothetical numbers representative of two actual return streams (Liquid Strategies Overlay and the underlying index ETF). The numbers illustrate what would have happened had we taken the underlying index ETF returns and added Liquid Strategy Overlay returns to them. Source: Morningstar, Liquid Strategies.



  1 YEAR 3 YEARS 5 YEARS Inception to Date
Theta Income Strategy 6.90% 2.50% 3.36% 3.13%

2Net of fees assumes a 1.00% management fee. 

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Topics: Overlay, Volatility

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